10 Reasons Seniors Choose to Retire at Home

10 Reasons Seniors Choose to Retire at Home

When thinking about where to live in retirement, your path can take you several different ways. The two main options seniors usually choose between are retiring to a senior living community or choosing to stay in their own home in retirement. While moving to a senior living community typically offers freedom from home maintenance and an array of great amenities, aging in place has its benefits, too. How do you decide between remaining at home or retiring to a senior living community?

From family obligations to finances, seniors in America choose to stay in their homes in retirement for a multitude of reasons. In this article, we examine 10 of the most common reasons seniors choose to retire at home.

  1. Have Modified Their Home

Those who have lived in their house for a long period of time have probably invested a good amount of money into it. From new appliances, to landscaping, to architectural changes, some retirees decide that instead of selling their home to move to a senior living community, they want to live in it and enjoy all they’ve worked hard to create. Conversely, those nearing retirement age may have been saving up money for years to be able to remodel their home, and would rather spend their money on fixing up where they currently live instead of putting it toward somewhere new.

  1. Don’t Want To Go Through the Stress of Moving

One of the top reasons many retirees ultimately decide against moving to a senior living community is to avoid the stress of downsizing. Some have lived in their current home for over 40 years, and the thought of parting with pieces of their life to move into a senior living community just isn’t right for them. Health and/or financial concerns may deter moving as well, as it can be an active and expensive process. By aging in place, seniors can stay in their abode without the stress of getting rid of possessions, packing, and moving to a new space.

  1. Emotional Ties to a Family Home

Sometimes it’s a matter of family ties. For those who live in a house shared across multiple generations, leaving it behind will be much harder for them versus someone who has lives in a house with less emotional significance. In addition, these older homes have more than likely been modified or updated to some degree, making the decision to part with both a long-term investment and a family homestead much harder.

  1. The Misconception of Losing Independence

The decision to age in place isn’t always based on reluctance to move from a home, but reluctance to give up independence. Although the thought that moving to a senior living community diminishes independence is a huge misconception, the sentiment can be understood. That’s why SmartLife VIA Willow Valley is a great compromise for care and comfort; members receive lifetime coverage of SmartLife’s Lifecare-a comprehensive promise that provides every SmartLife member with long-term care, if they need it, without increasing their monthly service fee-and other services, right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

  1. Location (If They’re Already Close to Family)

The decision of how to retire isn’t affected by just health and financial reasons, but by family, too. While some Americans move to a senior living community closer to their family, others already live close by, and a move to a senior living community would take them away from children and grandchildren they’re used to spending time with on a regular basis. Adult children often like to be involved in the conversation as well, ensuring that should their parents decide to move away from family, there will be ample care for them wherever they go.

  1. The Misconception That Community Living Too Expensive

In addition to the misconception that senior living communities take away independence, there’s also a misconception among seniors that they simply can’t afford to move to a senior living community. Oftentimes, many can afford it, but assume it’s too expensive. Speaking with a sales counselor from the community, as well as your own financial planner, can put assets into perspective and give you a greater understanding of what is feasible. Willow Valley Communities offers 90+ floor plans that cater to a variety of budgets.

  1. They’re Comfortable At Home in Familiarity

Another reason some seniors decide to age in place is for the simple reason that they are most comfortable at home. Senior living communities are social by nature, and some people would rather remain in a more private setting-their home-in which they are most comfortable and familiar. In addition, newly retired seniors most likely haven’t had the time to truly enjoy the pleasures their home affords between the 40+ years of work, kids, volunteering, and life that has come before retirement.

  1. They Want to Save Money

While some seniors may be able to afford moving to a senior living community, they choose instead to save that money and spend it on something else-home improvements, traveling the world, children and grandchildren, or health-related issues. Spending and saving money is a personal preference that changes as life continues on, which is why SmartLife offers affordable memberships to help protect the nest egg you’ve worked so hard to build while protecting you from the ever-escalating costs of care.

  1. Care Available at Home

Perhaps your spouse, child, or family friend is in the medical profession, or you’ve found a home care agency that you trust. In any instance, if reliable care is already available to some, then the move to a senior living community for those cases doesn’t make much sense. The key is to have care that you trust and can depend on; SmartLife’s home care aids, companions, homemakers, and additional team members are dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults by delivering the highest quality of services and to embracing the possibilities of a Life Lived Forward.

  1. Just Because

Sometimes it’s just a feeling; there doesn’t have to be a financial, health-related, or familial reason to stay at home. Every person’s retirement is uniquely their own and for some, staying in their home just feels like the right thing to do. Like a lot of things in life, deciding where to retire-whether at home or to a senior living community-is a gut feeling. We encourage you to self-reflect and talk to friends and family for advice when making this decision.

How Smartlife Can Help

We’re here to offer guidance and a solution to seniors who want peace of mind regarding care in retirement, but don’t want to move to a senior living community to get it.

SmartLife VIA Willow Valley is Central PA’s true Life Plan at Home program. It is designed to deliver high-quality services and care right in your own home. This comprehensive plan shares the same tradition of excellence you’ve come to expect from Willow Valley Communities. SmartLife is a Membership-based program that can deliver services in your home and in a care setting.

More comprehensive than traditional long-term care insurance, SmartLife offers independence, and life-long security, delivering care coordination, and a complete package of home care, personal care, memory support and nursing care. From assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), meal delivery, social opportunities, and more, SmartLife is your new way to plan for the future.

The best time to set up a long-term care plan is before you need it. SmartLife VIA Willow Valley is a sound investment which will protect your financial assets against a significant loss. The plan you purchase today will cover your long-term care costs in the future, providing you with a lifetime of financial protection and peace of mind.

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