What is Lifecare?

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Protect your Financial Assets

Lifecare is a comprehensive promise that entitles every SmartLife Member to short- and long-term care, at no additional cost. Lifecare gives you the security of knowing that no matter what level of long-term care you may need, you’re entitled to receive it, without a change to your monthly fee. It’s at the core of what makes SmartLife VIA Willow Valley so special.

Your one-time Membership fee and ongoing monthly fee give you access to a continuum of high quality care and protect you from the escalating costs of long-term care, and a great addition or alternative to long-term care insurance.

With Willow Valley’s commitment to excellence in service, and the dedication of our caring Team Members, you can feel confident in your decision. Joining SmartLife VIA Willow Valley is a wise financial investment with a stable, innovative company that has been offering premier care to seniors for more than 32 years.


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