Age Wisely In Your Own Home With SmartLife

Enjoy the benefits of a senior living community wherever you call home

SmartLife is a Membership-based program offered by one of the most premier names in senior living for nearly 40 years, Willow Valley Communities. More comprehensive than traditional long-term care insurance, SmartLife offers independence and life-long security, delivering care coordination and a complete package of home care, personal care, memory support, and nursing care. Learn more about SmartLife today by exploring our membership benefits, upcoming events, and social opportunities below.

Membership Benefits

SmartLife offers more than a safeguarded future. Discover how we can provide you with a lifetime of financial protection and peace of mind now.

Upcoming Events

Attend one of our no obligation information sessions to learn how SmartLife allows you to balance independence with life-long security.

Social Opportunities

SmartLife offers a variety of opportunities to ensure you continue to live a healthy, social, and active life.

About SmartLife, Life Plan at Home Program

SmartLife, Central PA’s true Life Plan at Home program, provides the security of a continuing care senior-living community—but right in your own home.

Enjoy your own home – and your lifestyle – with the assurance that SmartLife will provide you the care you may need, when you need it, all while safeguarding your assets from rising costs. And, SmartLife shares in the same excellence as Willow Valley Communities!