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SmartLife offers access to Willow Valley Communities

Some say that SmartLife VIA Willow Valley sounds a lot like Long-Term Care Insurance. They are not at all alike. There are significant differences between the two. SmartLife offers you a more comprehensive and cost-effective plan for long-term care protection, including access to Willow Valley Communities should your health care needs change and you require personal care or skilled nursing care.


Long-Term Care Insurance

You have a Lifecare Coordinator who arranges for care when you need it.

You handle the phone calls, paperwork and coordinate your own care services.

There is no elimination period. The day you need help is the day you get help.

There is an elimination period before benefits begin (on average 100 days).

A decline in only one activity of daily living is needed to receive services.

You must need help with at least two activities of daily living before you can file a claim.

You are guaranteed care for life.

Most policies will have a time limit or monetary limit on the amount of care you can receive.

You are guaranteed the Willow Valley high-standard of care when needed.

You are not guaranteed care at the facility of your choice.