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10 Reasons Seniors Choose to Retire at Home

10 Reasons Seniors Choose to Retire at Home When thinking about where to live in retirement, your path can take you several different ways. The two main options seniors usually choose between are retiring to a senior living community or choosing to stay in their own home in retirement. While moving

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What Does It Take to ‘Age in Place’ in Your Own Home?

There are many valid reasons why individuals may choose to “age in place” while staying in their own home. “I’m never moving,” some say. “I want to live here forever,” is a sentiment often expressed. The idea of aging in one’s own home has great merit, for sure. But before making

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Five Retirement Thoughts Everyone Has⁠—And Our Answers

Five Retirement Thoughts Everyone Has – And Our Answers When discussing retirement plans, the conversation that arises is often about relaxing, traveling, volunteering, and pursuing other joyful activities. It’s easy to avoid putting a solid plan in place for possible future care needs when thinking about this next chapter of life.

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