“It gives me an extra sense of freedom.”

I first learned of SmartLife through Willow Valley Communities and then shared the information with friends who were moving from North Carolina and opted to join the program.  I finally realized it makes complete sense both from a financial standpoint of view and a general well-being of life perspective, so I moved forward with SmartLife myself.  For me, it really is about the affordable monthly expense and being able to live independently in a neighborhood I am comfortable with.  It gives me an extra sense of freedom along with a confidence that I have planned well in case something might happen to me.  Additionally, I have experienced outstanding communication with my Lifecare Coordinator.  Fortunately at this stage, I have not had to call upon her for assistance.  I am totally confident though when that time comes, she will be available to me.

-Deb C.

Hear What Other Members Have To Say About SmartLife:

Rick P
"This was the only
serious option."
Rick P.
Deb C
"It gives me an extra sense
of freedom."
Deb C.
John and Cathy R
"The most appealing benefit was the ability to live life now."
John & Cathy R.
Christine B.
"With SmartLife, should I need care, my family doesn't have to worry about 'shopping around.' "
Christine B.
Malcolm & Judy M.
"Is this too good to be true?"
Malcolm & Judy M.
Malcolm & Judy M. - copy
"I would like everyone to know that SmartLife kept their promise and was absolutely there for us."
Jack G.
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