“We love our home and location; we built it for the future.”

We originally heard about SmartLife from a former employee and friend.  Unfortunately, at that time it was not available to residents of Lebanon County, but our inquiry got us on the mailing list.  Once SmartLife moved in to Lebanon County, we joined because of the ability to stay in our home as long as possible, the asset protection provided, and the availability of professional care as needed, without depending on family and friends.  And, of course, the comfort of knowing our future care is taken care of.  We love our home and location.  We built it for the future…a limited maintenance rancher which can be easily adapted to be handicap accessible.  For many years we rescued and adopted Labrador Retrievers and currently have three.  They are a part of our family which we totally enjoy.  They would not be possible with other long-term care options.

-Barry & Sue A.

Hear What Other Members Have To Say About SmartLife:

Rick P
"This was the only
serious option."
Rick P.
Deb C
"It gives me an extra sense
of freedom."
Deb C.
John and Cathy R
"The most appealing benefit was the ability to live life now."
John & Cathy R.
Christine B.
"With SmartLife, should I need care, my family doesn't have to worry about 'shopping around.' "
Christine B.
Malcolm & Judy M.
"Is this too good to be true?"
Malcolm & Judy M.
Malcolm & Judy M. - copy
"I would like everyone to know that SmartLife kept their promise and was absolutely there for us."
Jack G.
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