“The price stability was incredibly comforting to us.”

We enjoy the diversity of our neighborhood, as well as the familiar space, routine and privacy our home provides.  Given that our hobbies include tutoring, gardening, cooking and advocating for social justice, we felt our own home provided the best scenario suited to our wants and needs.  After seeing SmartLife advertised in the newspaper and speaking with some friends, we decided to attend an information session.  We were aware of Willow Valley’s reputation and appreciate the lifetime care provided by the program.  As we had previously explored other long-term care options, we were concerned with the limitations in benefits and difficulty in receiving services.  The price stability with SmartLife, even when extended care is needed was incredibly comforting to us.

-Sanford H. and Tom L.

Hear What Other Members Have To Say About SmartLife:

Rick P
"This was the only
serious option."
Rick P.
Deb C
"It gives me an extra sense
of freedom."
Deb C.
John and Cathy R
"The most appealing benefit was the ability to live life now."
John & Cathy R.
Christine B.
"With SmartLife, should I need care, my family doesn't have to worry about 'shopping around.' "
Christine B.
Malcolm & Judy M.
"Is this too good to be true?"
Malcolm & Judy M.
Malcolm & Judy M. - copy
"I would like everyone to know that SmartLife kept their promise and was absolutely there for us."
Jack G.
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